About us

Salon Manager – Software

for salons, sunbed, nail bars, beauty parlours or gymnasiums.

The Journey

We opened up a new Tanning salon (The Blue Lagoon) in September 2004. After a couple of months, we soon discovered that we needed a better system for our customer’s records than the index cards we started with. Our customer’s had to wait while we found their card, then we had to update it, add a new tanning course etc.

To Salon Manager

It took ages (AND WE MADE MISTAKES) sometimes we were so busy that some customers would leave the shop and go elsewhere (not something we wanted). Anyway, I decided to do something about it… I have a diploma in computer languages and created this program..

It has taken 2 years! Why so long?

Well I used our salon as a guinea pig and made them try each new version of the program that I wrote. I also used the suggestions from our staff (who of course know better). Then I had to take out any errors, such as date conflicts etc. Next the program had to be easily updated and not lose any information for the customer records.
The most important criteria for this program was; ease of use and reliability. So, I created individual records for every customer, simple daily backup’s and a program that allows you to give a customer, a new complete course with a single click of the key-board (very simple to use but a powerful program behind the scenes).
The program is separate to the records (customer database). Which allows easy updates, if you ever decide to update? (You don’t have to, you buy the program and it’s yours).

I have had so many problems in the past trying to get technical help from some companies, I decided to handle the technical help myself, if this gets too much for one person, I promise to take on only competent English speaking people.

I have no doubts that you will find this program of immense value and a great time saver. I won’t list out all the features of the program here. All I will say is try it free for 2 months. I will continue to work on the program and issue updates. The program is quite versatile and you can name the activities as you please. If there are any positive suggestions or if you have a particular request, please call on 07858 691311.